We are thrilled to announce that Logan Firm clients can now make initial deposits to their accounts and monthly payments without receiving a convenience charge from our credit card processor. 

Our credit card processor, Virtual Payment Systems (VPS) has offered to waive all fees to help the immigrant community we serve and to help the Logan Firm continue to provide quality legal representation.  

We know it is hard to purchase money orders or drop off checks or payments due to the health crisis.  We also know that paying a convenience fee could mean the difference of having money for groceries or rent.  For this reason, we encourage clients to make payments via VPS’s secure website.  This service will have no additional convenience fee during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Please use this link to make your payment to The Logan Firm.  Be sure to reference your name or your case number which is located on your billing invoice.  

Stay safe and healthy!  We look forward to continuing to work on your cases.