Practice Area

Deportation Defense

The Logan Firm defends clients placed into removal (“deportation”) proceedings. Being placed into removal proceedings starts with being served with a Notice to Appear in U.S. Immigration Court, charging the individual with not being in compliance with U.S. immigration laws. There are a number of defenses available to individuals charged with immigration violations. Through effective advocacy and litigation, we strive to not only halt the deportation process, but also obtain lawful immigration status in the United States for our clients. When faced with very difficult cases, we strive to find innovative strategies and solutions to provide for the most positive outcome possible.

Some of the defense work we specialize in includes:

– Cancellation of Removal
– Defensive Asylum
– Temporary Protected Status
– Adjustment of Status
– Waivers
– The Violence Against Women Act
– Collaboration with criminal defense attorneys to avoid negative immigration consequences

Family and Marriage Based Immigration

The Logan Firm regularly assists their clients to navigate the complex law surrounding immigrating family members, spouses, fiancés, and children. We understand that being united with family members, spouses, and fiancés, is of utmost importance and therefore we strive to provide efficient, timely, and effective representation for these clients. We have experience working with consulates in Europe, North, South, and Central American, Asia, and Africa. Some of the types of family immigration based immigration cases we represent are:

– Adjustment of Status
– K-1/ K-3 Fiancé Visas/ Spouse Visas
– Consular Processing


The Logan Firm represents individuals who fear returning to their home countries due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. During the Arab Spring Uprising of 2011, Sarah Logan was recognized by the Colorado chapter of the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association for her pro-bono assistance to Libyan students who feared returning to their home country due to potential persecution.

Assistance for Victims

The Logan Firm is dedicated to advocating for victims of crime, as well as victims of spousal abuse. Attorneys from The Logan Firm regularly volunteer to provide Immigration legal clinics for battered women at Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence in Boulder, Colorado. We specialize in the following cases that are aimed at giving assistance to victims of crime:

– U-visas

The U-visa is a temporary visa for undocumented victims of crime who have assisted with the investigation and prosecution of certain qualifying crimes. The U-visa includes employment authorization and allows for U-visa holders to apply for permanent residence in the United States.

– Violence Against Women Act
The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allows individuals who are or who were married to an abusive United States citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse to file a self-petition, independently of their abuser. Individuals with an approved self- petition are eligible for employment authorization and certain individuals may be eligible to apply for permanent residence in the United States.


The Logan Firm regularly assists individuals in applying for waivers to cure a ground of inadmissibility that prevents them from immigrating the United States. Some of the factors of inadmissibility that waivers can overcome are unlawful presence in the United States, criminal grounds, health related grounds, and prior misrepresentations to immigration authorities.


Naturalization is the process of becoming a United States citizen. The Logan Firm regularly consults with clients considering naturalization and guides them through the entire process. While the process of naturalizing can be straightforward for many clients, it can also lead to very harsh consequences for individuals who have not complied with immigration laws during their permanent residency. Therefore, it is advisable to have legal counsel before taking this important step.