“If you ask me who is the best attorney or immigration lawyer in Colorado, perhaps nationwide, I’ll respond to you Sarah Logan!!!!, Why? I found her honest, responsible, committed , efficient, admirable in every respect, very efficient to resolve our family immigration case with the dedication of a human and individual focus. She served us professionally and with ample and deep knowledge of the matter, dedicated to achieve our objectives. She is naturally acute and with the constant support of her super qualified team. She has a warm heart, sharing her own ancestry and values of trustworthiness while caring for others. Thanks Sarah, best wishes. And thanks to your family for raising and sharing with us such a darling and powerful persona. Please keep us in your list of longtime and forever friends.”
Professor Mario Alvarez and Ana Ponce, Guatemala, New residents in USA, thanks to Logan Firm Team
“Hiring an expert in the field of immigration was the best move we ever made. After reading the horror stories posted to various websites by those who were attempting the immigration process themselves Sarah gave us sensible advice that simplified a complex process. We would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to anyone who is contemplating immigration. Thanks to Sarah and her team we are now enjoying our married life here in Colorado.”
Dale Bradley, U.K.
“I am a single mother and have lived in the U.S. for many years after fleeing my home country. Last year I was detained and placed in deportation proceedings. I worked with Sarah and her office to help me with the process of defending my case. It was incredible how caring and kind Sarah and her paralegal, Emmy, were during the process of helping me and I felt optimistic and confident because Sarah handled my case well during the whole process. Ultimately, she won my immigration case and I now have legal status in the U.S. with a work permit. I would recommend that anyone facing deportation proceedings meet with Sarah. Because of her, I am now able to support my child and I know that our future in the U.S. where we are safe from harm is protected.”
Veronica Garcia, Mexico
Sara Logan and her staff are very professional, and very detail oriented. They work hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. They answered all our questions either through email, phone calls, or in person in both a professional and timely manner. We confidently recommend Sarah and her team.
Sophia and David Estrada
… Words can never express our gratitude to The Logan Firm. They are professional, detailed, and responsive. They treat everyone with respect… I highly recommend this firm to anyone needing help with Immigration.
Christina Ruiz