This past week was marked by the end of four years of a xenophobic, racist, and a cruel policy agenda detrimental to immigrants and their families. President Biden took office on January 20th and immediately rescinded several of the previous president’s restrictive immigration policies, while implementing several of his own and promising immigration reform.

President Biden reaffirmed protections for young immigrants through DACA.  The program has not changed, but President Biden has directed his administration to fortify the program.

He also ended the so-called Muslim ban, which restricted individuals from several predominantly Muslim countries, with a few other countries tossed in, from coming into the United States.

He halted a deportation policy that has caused Immigration and Customs Enforcement to attempt to deport immigrants without prioritizing individuals who pose a threat to society.  In addition, President Biden instituted a moratorium on deportations for 100 days, with a few exceptions.

He also ended construction of the wall on the Southern Border and ended the declared emergency.

The President is also going to restore protections and programs for asylees and refugees and create a task force to reunite children the previous administration separated from their families at the border.

Moreover, President Biden stopped all unpublished federal regulations from going into effect pending further review and will immediately review the new public charge rule.

Finally, President Biden has affirmed that he will work with Congress to pass immigration reform that will include a path to permanent status and citizenship for undocumented individuals, TPS holders, and DACA recipients.  We expect to see legislation introduced in Congress soon.

The Biden administration has several difficult months ahead of it, including dealing with a devastating pandemic and the economic hardship it has caused, and impeachment proceedings against the former President who incited violence at the Capitol building.  However, it has vowed to make immigration reform a priority.  Individuals who may benefit from immigration reform should keep themselves informed of any legislative changes announced through the media and consult an immigration attorney.